Laurie KennedyThe expectations on our Leaders are increasing exponentially. We expect more and more of our spiritual leaders. Those who lead us toward any significant degree of Biblical results need a strong set of values.

What do you believe in, rely on, that shapes and defines your actions? Do you have a set of values that become ‘a line in the sand’ for your decisions?

“Values are those things we consider or rate highly, prize, esteem, or deem important.”  (James C. Hunter.  The World’s most powerful Leadership Principle)

Gather your people together to develop a list of personal and corporate values. Think of foundational stones. Words that your people consider without compromise. Words that are critical that when implemented will carry your church, business or mission toward your God directed Vision.

Review these value laden-words to stimulate your thinking.

Integrity, Love, Honesty, Bible-Based, Accountable, People Focused Fairness, Gratitude, Humble, Loyal, Patient, Prayer, Biblical in Content, Passion for our World, Reproducing Servant Leaders, Relationships, Community of Networks and Relationships, Personal Relationship with God, Team Work, Caring and Love, Listening, Sharing Leadership, Passionate, Trusting, Diligent, Discernment, Truthful, Peaceful, Humble, Credible, Serving, Generous, Above Reproach, Sincere, Courageous, Fair, Grateful, Focused, Confidence, Transparent, Innovative, Responsible, Community-Focused, Authentic, Flexible, Decisive, Personable, Friendly, Positive, Faith in God, Generous, Persistence, Insightful, Christ Serving, Communicative, Baptism Focused, Respectful, Soul Focused, Self-Control, Excellence, Real love, Positive, Loyal, Respectful, Enthusiastic, Collaboration, Optimistic, Commitment, Honoring Others, Discipleship, Trust.

Once you develop your list pray, share, discuss and let the Holy Spirit influence your choices. Then, over a period of a few months review the list until you and your organization can strive for and live by your Values.

Leaders who succeed have strong values that guide their behavior.

“What really motivates the most creative people is to have their values and their search for meaning aligned with corporate values.”  (Executive Influence Crane and Hamel)

Leadership is …knowing and living your Values every day.

Yours in Service,

Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach
Jethro Group