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Leadership Is… God’s Plan for Me #298

My Mother liked to tell me about the day she helped me pray for God’s forgiveness when I was 4 years old. No, I don’t remember the words or circumstances but I trust my Mother and accepted her memory.

Grade school was especially difficult because I stuttered so badly I could hardly talk. I have a specific memory of an awful day and asking my Mom why Jesus wouldn’t help me talk clearly. She again showed me how to pray, asking God to forgive me, and heal my inability to talk clearly. Fascinating, I now make my living speaking in public.

In High School I struggled with the reality that I grew up in a relatively normal Christian home but I didn’t have a dramatic before and after salvation story. Most teen speakers in that day had great life changing stories describing the change after a conversion experience with Christ. I didn’t.

My mentor at the time was our Youth for Christ Director, Rev. Louis Peskett. He reminded me again and again that God had a plan and I was in it. Also, that God designed me uniquely for his purpose. I didn’t need a dramatic before and after story. I didn’t have the dramatics because that wasn’t in God’s plan for me. I just needed to ask God to forgive my sin and accept his gift of salvation.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 NIV)

I take prayer and my relationship with my Heavenly Father seriously. My career has included the extreme pressure and negative challenges of the corporate world. Then, the equally prayer filled thrilling, and unique challenges of ministry. I know that God lives in my heart and I’m thankful.

Leadership is … living God’s plan

Yours in Service,

Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach


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Leadership Is Wise Counsel


Laurie KennedyOne of my Mentors shares a very meaningful story. I assume it is for illustrative purposes with no reality behind it. I have searched for the original author but to no avail.  So, with due apologies to the originator, I’ll list this as author unknown.

As the story goes, a young girl became sick. Her parents cared for her, family and friends gave advice and the family hoped and prayed she would get better. In time the parents took her to the Dr. and received advice and medication.  As my mentor tells the story, the sickness could be fatal, but with the Dr.’s advice and medication, she should be fine.

Family and friends would call, drop in to visit, and express their concern about the young girl’s health. The parents would thank them for their advice, concern and prayers. Then, would confirm that the Dr. said with the medication and advice, she would be fine. They would point to the medication sitting on the shelf and repeat the instructions.

As the story goes, the girl died.  Family and friends came to visit and express concern. Noting the medication still sitting on the shelf, one enquiring visitor asked about the medication. The parents confirmed they had tried the medication, but since the youngster didn’t like the taste, she didn’t take it.

Ok, this little story has more illustrative value than reality. I can’t imagine it happening or could I. In my Coaching Practice, Leaders tell me story after story from other organizations. The stories involve their friends or associates facing challenge, difficulty and fear. Later, I hear some of the organizations died or closed, not for lack of information and help, but for lack of follow through on wise counsel.

What Leadership challenges are you facing today? Please take time to pray seriously, seek God’s face and find the professional expertise that you need.

Leadership is prayerfully seeking and implementing wise counsel.

Yours in Service,

Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach
Jethro Group

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