Laurie KennedyGrowing Leaders Daily

I am very blessed to love what I do.  As a Christian Executive, I get to laugh, pray and cry with Pastors and church leaders as we work to improve the health of their church.

It is very obvious that the overall health of a church is dependent upon the spiritual, relationship, organizational, vision and planning systems of each Pastor and Leader.  As leaders accept responsibility for and work to improve their own spiritual and organizational health, the church’s overall health improves as well.

I’ve also had the privilege of working in the secular world as a Chief Executive Officer. Within the pressure cooker of Health care, we faced the challenge of balancing life changing decisions and crisis with budget and financial realities on a continual basis.

My education includes Bible College, a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Master degree in Servant Leadership from Trinity Western University.

Leadership is … my personal blog.  I read extensively and write to refine my leadership thinking and to provide a vehicle to guide my current and future Coaching Clients to further understand their leadership role. Leadership is… integrates Biblical truth with today’s leadership writing to encourage individuals to be more effective in their professional and volunteer roles.

I love Organizational Change. Every change no matter how large or small is based on people. Therefore we first build a relationship and then we talk about moving forward.

My family always comes first. Char and I have three adult children and nine grandkids. The thrill of influencing the lives of Grandkids ranging in age from preschool to University is beyond words.

Please join me each week as we look to God’s Word to understand the phenomenal power of His influence on our daily lives.