Laurie KennedyMy personal Mission statement and that of the Jethro Group is, ‘To influence my world strategically; by demonstrating God’s love, integrating family, church and the corporate world of business to a life of integrity, excellence and Servant Leadership’.

Influence Strategically: I can’t control my world.  All I can do is influence it. I don’t believe in neutral. Your influence is either positive or negative.  I take the same attitude in my personal life.  So, my mission reminds me to influence strategically. Remember, your family, neighbours, local committees, service staff, church business and political representatives.

During one of my Coaching Courses we were taught to open every mission statement with ‘I will accomplish the Great Commission by’.  I use this phrase to focus and stimulate my thinking and activity in the right direction.

Demonstrating God’s love is an obvious.  That’s my favorite catch phrase.  The way I see it, you and I, need to demonstrate God’s love in everything we do.

Integrating family, church and the corporate world of business. My role as a Christian Leader is to integrate, not separate.  In my former roles as a CEO, a Regional Director or currently as a Leadership Coach, I want everyone to know that Char, my family, my church and my business are all one, integrated, transparent, free flowing and whole. Too many Christians live a Christ like life at church on Sunday but don’t live the same life during the week.  I want to remind myself and my world that God loves them.

Integrity, excellence and Servant Leadership.  These are the descriptors of how I want to live my life.  I will never achieve each of these on a consistent basis, but that’s what a Mission statement is. It is a dream, a hope and God given experience that I want to aim for.

Leadership is … discovering your Mission and designing a vision and strategy to accomplish it.

Yours in Service,

Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach
Jethro Group