Leadership Is … Being Thankful #350

What do you celebrate and prayerfully recognize?  As a church we just celebrated 125 years of service to our Lord and community. That’s awesome and we are thankful and blessed to worship with an amazing staff and community of believers.

Here is something that is very personal to me yet we celebrate and are very thankful for God’s intervention. Some of you have heard and experienced these words from your Doctor as well.

“You have cancer. I’ve referred you to the Cross Cancer Institute.”

“Every day, 43 Albertans hear the words, you have cancer. These are not just statistics. These are our neighbors, friends and loved ones.” (Cross Cancer Institute)

“The Cross Cancer Institute is a leading Centre for the province-wide prevention, research and treatment program. The Centre provides inpatient and outpatient services for cancer patients, advanced medical and supportive cancer care and patient and professional education. The Cross Cancer Institute conducts research through the Alberta Cancer Research Institute to be a world leader in cancer research.” (Cross Cancer Institute)

A year later, I stood in the waiting room of the Cross Cancer Institute ringing the bell indicating I had finished my treatments. Yes! Praise our Heavenly Father who has a plan for my life. You see, with God’s help, I’m a very thankful cancer survivor.

“Ring this bell. Three times well. Its toll to clearly say. My treatment’s done. This course is run. And I am on my way!” (Le Moyne)

Here’s a quote from my Oncologist dated October 4 a year ago this week.

“It has been a privilege to meet, work and treat you over the past several years. You don’t need to come back.”

Char and I continually build a list of people, experiences and answered prayer. We celebrate the awesome blessings that our Heavenly Father has provided.

What are you thankful for? What can you share with family and friends to express your thankfulness to God? Let me encourage you to daily express your thanks to your friends and our Heavenly Father.

Yours in Service,

Laurie D. Kennedy

Leadership Coach Jethrogroup.ca