Laurie KennedyPastors and Christian leaders want to lead their churches to improved health. They dream and pray. The growth to church health is a positive experience. Improved health is reasonable, valid and can be achieved. It doesn’t have to hurt.

The change process distinguishes leaders from dreamers. In my coaching experience I pray with leaders and confirm that ‘the future will be the same as the past unless something changes’.  Hence, if we want our church to be healthier, then we need to make some changes. At this point the dreamers give up and the leaders get active.

Here are nine statements to keep in mind for any change process in your church.

  1. Pray consistently.
  2. Define a clear vision so people can see the end result.
  3. Set realistic priorities and time frames so people can focus their energy.
  4. Communicate and over communicate. Share the wins, your people will be more enthusiastic if they can watch and feel the progress.
  5. Celebrate small wins regularly and often.
  6. Care for your people. Nothing will happen without a relationship. Anything is possible with a positive relationship.
  7. Send ‘thank you emails’. Do anything you can to encourage your people.
  8. Celebrate and recognize the accomplishments, not the negatives, of former leaders.
  9. Get out of the way, let your people take the actions that lead to results. Then, be sure your people get the credit.

Here is the challenge. As a Pastor or Christian leader, you need to be willing to make personal and corporate changes as necessary.

Leadership is a chain reaction, a momentum. Choose wisely where you start. You can’t fix it all, but aim for a small yet significant change then build from there.

Yours in Service,

Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach
Jethro Group