Leadership is … Changing Hearts #350

God directed Servant Leadership is a transformed life of serving, giving and living the life Christ demonstrated for us. God designed us with a plan before we were born. Hence, we have a responsibility to discover the vision God has for us. Then, it is our responsibility to read, study, and memorize his word. Then, as a Servant Leader of Integrity we can demonstrate his love to continue his change process in our world.

“The church was established on the promise of change. Hearts would be changed, families would be changed, marriages would be changed, communities would be changed, cities would be changed, and, yes, even the entire history of humanity and the earth itself would be changed by those swept up in this movement of God.” (An Unstoppable force, Erwin McManus 2001)

As a Christian Servant Leader, I strive to integrate my spiritual values on the job. The world needs strong, consistent, bold, courageous, integrity infused and caring leaders.  People are longing for leaders who will unite rather than divide.

 “Love and truth form a good leader; sound leadership is founded on loving integrity.”  (Proverbs 20:28, MSG)

Leadership is integrating and demonstrating God’s values and principles into our daily lives. It is my prayer that our Lord will guide us to be completely transformed into his image and to a leadership style that puts Christ and His service first.

The Christian Servant Leader, the leader of integrity, has a personal relationship with God just like men and women of the Bible.

As a Christian Leaders, we have a responsibility to pray and read scripture daily. Some interesting and frightening research indicates the average believer only prays three times a day.  Sounds like grace at meal time.  Yes, being thankful for each meal is important and awesome, but the Christian leader needs to be prayerfully in God’s word to learn and be responsive.

People seek a leader who lives and breathes character and integrity.

Yours in Service,

Laurie D. Kennedy

Leadership Coach Jethrogroup.ca