Laurie KennedyLeaders carry tremendous responsibility. In training events, we suggest “as the leader is, so the people are”. Leaders influence, make decisions and set the direction. Dedicated followers have effected tremendous good and committed fatal crimes under the influence of their leader. Leadership is not physical, material or symbolic power. It is value based character and example.

In January 1982 four Air Force pilots plummeted their aircraft to a tragic death and destruction at 650 km per hour. These pilots were highly trained and skilled. They had flown together as trusted professionals. They were trained to fly in formation ignoring the instruments, watching only their leader. The extensive investigation analyzed everything, equipment, maintenance records, training, experience, pilot health and performance data. Mechanical and performance issues were found to be in order.  With mechanical issues eliminated, the only probable cause of the tragedy was a case of follow the leader. Unknowingly, each pilot may have followed their leader to destruction.

As a leader, who are you following? Who is following you? Are your followers learning and adapting to your character and positive skills, or are they patterning themselves after your negative qualities.

As today’s illustration points out, you as the leader set the standard. When you don’t know where you’re going, neither will your staff.

As a leader in your church, mission or college setting, today’s example may seem dramatic. However, look at yourself today. Are you setting a high standard? Are you encouraging your people to do the same? Look at the long term implications of the people you lead. As a Family Pastor, your influence will encourage the positive health and strength of families. As the Youth Pastor, your connection guides teens through a volatile period of their lives. As a Senior Pastor or Mission Director, your influence has world-wide implications.

Leadership is … looking at your goals. A look today could change the shape of your future.

Yours in Service,

Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach
Jethro Group