Laurie KennedyJethro Group recognizes October as Pastor Appreciation Month

I love my work. I work with Pastors and Church Boards on a continual basis. I Coach some and others call me for advice and others just need someone to listen. My older brother is a Pastor and my second son is a Next Generation Pastor. I see and hear the challenges faced by Pastors and their families. I feel their pressure. I feel their stress. Whatever the reason, every day I have the privilege of laughing, praying and crying with Pastors.

Note these two critical points to encourage and support your Ministry Team.

Listen and really hear your Pastor. I know the challenge of carrying heavy loads of other people’s concerns. However, as a Pastor you can’t call a church member and unload. You can’t gossip and complain and you can’t relieve the pressure by talking about it at church. I have tried in every church we have worshiped in to be available to our Pastor. My goal is be close to, best friends with and an available mentor. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, listen to really hear the concern.  It may not be the time for advice, but it is always the time to listen. When the opportunity presents itself, listen to your Pastor.

Pray for and with your Pastor. Ministry staff pray for us and are responsive to care for our issues. They know that as we improve our spiritual, emotional, family and financial health, the momentum will grow to encompass the church. Leaders within the church have the same spiritual, emotional, family and financial issues that we all have. Let your mind wander for a minute. If every person who attends on a Sunday morning would take the time to seriously pray for their Ministry Staff, our leaders and our churches would be healthier.

Leadership is praying and demonstrating God’s love to the Ministry staff that pray for you.

Yours in Service,

Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach
Jethro Group