The life changing question was raised, I had seconds to respond. It was an awesome evening. The Northern Alberta sky was filled with colorful moving curtains of Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). The moonlight illuminated thousands of snow covered pine and spruce trees. Our son, sitting in the back of our van said “Dad, what would you think if I became a Youth Pastor?”

I had a second to think. He would live in a fish bowl. He would not have consistent hours of work.  He would be at the beck and call of hundreds of youth and their parents. My response was, “you always need to follow God’s call and you’ll have our full support and encouragement”.

“God called me into Youth Ministry, on a yellow school bus, when I was 14 years old. Every school day my brother, sister and I would get on a yellow school bus and travel from our home. I got picked on. A lot. The thing I remember most clearly about that day is asking God, why are kids in small towns so mean? I heard his response. It wasn’t audible it was in my head but it was clearly God. He said, there is no one who loves teenagers in small towns.” (Rev. Chet Kennedy, Broken Mortals)

“I knew what he meant. He did not mean that parents or grandparents don’t love teenagers. He did not mean that teachers don’t love teenagers. God was telling me that there needed to be more Youth Pastors in small towns. From that moment I knew my calling, God was asking me to become a Youth Pastor.” (Broken Mortals by Rev. Chet Kennedy)

God’s influence is the transformation. The metamorphosis of a tadpole into a frog or the caterpillar into a butterfly. The new creature doesn’t remember, resemble or have any desire or ability to return to the former life. God had a plan and Chet was in it.

Today, Chet is a praying Youth Guy. As the Executive Director of Camp Chamisall in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. He directs, works with the Board, speaks at churches and does Youth Retreats across Western Canada. He confirms, “Camp is the best place for kids to come to know our Lord. Every teen’s parents, grandparents, relatives and Pastors are praying. They pray for the teen before, during and after camp. Every teen is surrounded by prayer for those days.

Watch for his eBook, Broken Mortals by Rev. Chet Kennedy to be released soon.

Leadership is hearing and following God’s calling.

Yours in Service,
Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach