Laurie KennedyEver wished you had invented paper clips, coat hangers, plastic garbage bags or Styrofoam drinking cups? Just think of it, millions of inexpensive products used every day. Once invented, we couldn’t imagine how we ever got along without them.

How about the bigger scale? An effective method to deal with oil spills, transportation safety or environmental issues. What about your church? What about evangelism? Any chance God might direct you to develop a new and innovative way to introduce our world to Christ?

The most innovative ideas seem impossible. Yet, when someone else does it, it’s simple. Then, comes the old phrase. ’I could have thought of that’. The key is, you are right, you could have but didn’t.

What is the difference? The need exists, the raw material and the technology is available and the time is right. Why are we so reluctant to think up new ideas?

The most significant barriers to creative ideas are typically those of our own making. Here are four mental blocks that discourage us from thinking up new and better ideas.

  • Fear that the idea might not work.
  • Fear of the unknown, what would people say?
  • The way we have always done it is comfortable and probably the right way.
  • Too impatient to stick with an idea while it simmers and takes shape.

By concentrating on our fears, we disallow and discourage good ideas. As soon as an idea sparks, the fears drive it away.

Look at Paul, Noah, Nehemiah, Moses, Caleb and a host of other God directed individuals in scripture. They trusted God, stood alone while He directed and our world changed.

Facing and dealing with fears provides opportunity for God to challenge and develop us for His service.

Let’s pray and trust God to work in all of our lives to let go of the negative and learn to demonstrate God’s love on a daily basis.

Leadership is … trusting your God directed Vision and your Prayerful dreams.

Yours in Service,

Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach
Jethro Group