Laurie KennedyYour leadership style is what others see and feel. You may have your foundation principles set, your Vision, Mission and Values defined, but it is your style that your followers see. Your predominant leadership style is likely a combination of the following. Choose your style wisely, as a twig grows into a tree, so your style influences your people for years to come.

As an Autocratic leader, you are in complete control. You set the rules, hire and fire according to your whim and rely on position authority. Your people probably don’t like working for you, but stay for other reasons.

As a Manager, you concentrate on the task, monitor it and your people closely to be sure the job is done. Managers concentrate on doing things right, according to the book. With your managing hat on, you color within the lines. You pride yourself on the new policies, guidelines and the negative consequences you have set to ensure goals are met.

As a Democratic leader, you listen to your people and often take votes. Your people are in control.  Vision accomplishment is less important than smoothing the waters. Your goal is to keep your people happy.

As a Laisse-faire leader you just don’t care. Your staff, associates and volunteers know that you are just along for the ride. Goals are not accomplished and you go where the wind blows.

As a Servant leader, you describe the ideal future and encourage your people toward it. You don’t color within the lines, you make new lines to accomplish the Vision. You influence your people to achieve a purpose they believe in. Like a caring parent, you love your staff and volunteers where they are today and encourage them to grow in Christ. You focus on the follower’s needs and the goal instead of your personal needs. Leaders create change and influence others.

The best barometer I know for measuring leadership is the growth or accomplishment of the followers.

Leadership is finding your balance to accomplish what God has in mind for your people, your organization and yourself.

Yours in Service,

Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach
Jethro Group