Laurie KennedyThe story is told about a Jewelry Store Owner and a Factory Worker. Every morning the Factory Worker would stop, wind and set his watch by the old Grandfather clock in the Jeweler’s window.

One day the shop owner asked the Factory Worker what he did. The Worker finished setting his watch and said he was the official Timekeeper who blew the noon whistle to let the Factory employees and townspeople know it was lunch and quitting time. He came by the Jewelry store each morning to set his watch, by the grandfather clock, to be sure he blew the whistle on time.

The Jeweler hesitated then said, “That’s remarkable, I’ve been setting my Grandfather clock by your noon whistle for years.”

Are you leading or following?

This old story indicates a common situation. Two people are following each other, both believing the other is a competent leader.

The tragedy of this story, involves not only the two men, but the hundreds of others who follow them. Unknowingly, these followers were leaders. They were leading a great number of people. Each assumed a higher standard existed somewhere and their lives were being shaped unknowingly.

As a leader, or follower, look carefully. Who or what are you following? Who is following you? What influence are you having on others? Each individual, student, elected official, employer or employee is both leading and following.

If you are not satisfied with your progress on the job, you may be following the wrong leader. Consider who or what you are following and take steps to change

Your life may feel like a giant jigsaw puzzle, don’t let just anyone fit your pieces together.

Leadership is like Moses. He followed God and the people followed him.

Yours in Service,

Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach
Jethro Group