Leaders, imagine the scene. I’m thrilled with my University studies and a career full of opportunity, challenge and success. Only the young understand the dreams, hopes and aspirations knowing the world is a stage and I’m ready to lead. The scene changes dramatically as I write my final exams in the hospital and the Neurologist’s words etch permanently on me.

“We’ve completed our tests. Your disease is incurable. We cannot predict the time and spread of the disease. You will most likely be in a wheelchair in two years. You probably won’t be able to have kids and likely not be able to support a family. The disease attacks your central nervous system short-circuiting messages sent to and from your brain. It is characterized by periods of attack and remission.” (Dr. George Moncton, University of Alberta Hospital)

That was my personal introduction to multiple sclerosis over 50 years ago. The challenges and opportunities have been numerous. But, I hold on to the fact that God has a plan for my life and he orchestrates the outcome.

We all have strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and limits. We also have God’s plan and direction. None of us have any guarantees. I don’t know what tomorrow will hold and neither do you. What we do know is that we have today and what we prayerfully do today defines our future.

I’m letting God lead me through the crisis and I’ll pray for you as well.

Laurie D. Kennedy

Author, Leadership is Devotions for Servant Leaders

Author, Leadership is serving with Integrity