Laurie KennedyOur three adult kids have great families, successful careers and are active in their churches. Char and I are proud, thankful and blessed. However, our purpose these days is to ‘speak into the lives of our nine Grandkids’. I respectfully refer to them as my nine favorite people in our world.

My Christmas tradition is to give the same leadership book to my two sons and son in law. However, what do I give to those wonderful Grandkids that range in age from 3 to 20 years? They have family in common. They have love for our Lord in common. They have Grandparents in common. But, beyond that they are unique. Their interests run from University, high school, Junior High, Grade School studies and trucks and trains for a toddler.

As we ‘speak into their lives’, I also give each Grandchild a book. A book they can use on a daily basis or have their parents share with them. It needed to be a casual book, a careful book, a fun book to read yet it needed a heavenly purpose for family to deal with life on a daily basis.

31-Days-book-cover-webThis year, I gave nine copies of Pray any Way, Let creativity enter your prayers by Heather Hayashi. It is an easy read yet profound in its intent. This cartoon illustrated book provides ideas to improve your prayer life. Heather says, “The most important thing to remember is that God wants to spend time with us and change us as we engage in conversation of both talking and listening with Him. So, be bold, let creativity enter your prayer life with God and see what happens as you enter His presence with confidence.” Check out Heather’s material at

As a leader, parent, grandparent or best friend, this year I will pray through each of Heather’s prayerful recommendations.

Leadership is praying for and with those we mentor.

Yours in Service,

Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach
Jethro Group