Laurie KennedyThe owner of your church (that’s not you) completed his annual review. After interviewing your people, he commented that very few could provide examples of living your Vision statement that week. He looked at your Annual Report and noted that no one was introduced to Christ in the past year and there hadn’t been a baptism for 4 years. He looked at the finances noting that your people were giving at a rate of 3.5% of their annual income. This is significantly below a tithe and that 90% of your funds were spent on yourselves.  He also noted that the Missionary budget, both local and overseas was dismal and lacked direction. He pointed out very little of your time and space was available or even considered inviting to your local community

His closing remarks indicated that you and your church were not fulfilling your mission and not producing fruit. At the current rate, he illustrated, your church wouldn’t survive much longer and maybe should be closed.

You, (Pastor, Board Chair or Leader) asked the owner for a year’s reprieve.  If you, your leaders and your church couldn’t be healthy and productive within a year you would resign and close the church. (My paraphrase of Luke 13:6-8)

After this meeting, the church leaders gathered together and after much prayer and discussion, agreed these 9 points would be your highest priority over the next year.

  1. Take prayer seriously, demonstrating to your people that prayer changes things.
  2. Discover God’s Vision for your church and implement it immediately
  3. Define measurable goals to accomplish your God-given Vision
  4. Review every program and activity to ensure it is relevant to the Vision and goals
  5. Monitor discipleship and evangelism to ensure these goals are achieved.
  6. Ensure your people are working within their God-given gifting
  7. Ensure the community knows you are there and values you.
  8. Training all your people to demonstrate God’s love
  9. Ensure your church activities are relevant to a variety of cultures.

Leadership is, producing fruit for your Owner.

Yours in service,

Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach
Jethro Group