Laurie KennedyI travel a lot.  I speak in churches, at leadership retreats and consult with Boards and Leadership Teams.  The work is wonderful and I love it.  The challenge is, every time I’m away from my home, I stay in a hotel.  Hmm!

Hotels have a lot in common.  They have rooms, check in procedures, a shuttle from the airport, fruit at the front desk, a continental breakfast, a pool and conference rooms.  Their staff are trained to provide positive customer service.  Hotel managers know that an exceptional experience will bring travellers back.

My last trip provided an unforgettable experience. The shuttle arrived on time. The driver took my bags and told me why she loved her city on the short ride to the hotel.  My room was large, a wide screen TV, comfortable couch, bed, shower and wash room.  So, far this would be a normal night away and I’d fly out the next day.

The next day I was speaking in a downtown church; I had the address but no idea where it was.  I asked the front desk clerk if she could call a taxi and hold my luggage until I returned after church. She was friendly and confirmed they could call a taxi and hold my luggage.  Then she asked where I was going. She replied that she knew where the church was and would be happy to shuttle me there. On the way to church the driver asked what I did.  I explained and she offered to pick me up after church and drive me to the airport.  I called after church, she arrived with my luggage and we were off to the airport.

Now, that is a level of service that is rare in business class hotels. I was impressed. Thanks Guy, General Manager of Homewood Suites by Hilton Winnipeg Airport, you have my thanks.

Leadership is a continual process to ensure each and every customer has an unforgettable experience.

Yours in Service,
Laurie D. Kennedy
Leadership Coach